Fish figure from Yordan's sketchbook Yordan Silvera wet media sketch with scales Wet media sketch with black lines Mech sketch on ink Random Face by Yordan Silvera Green Mech study with ink Abstract Experimentation Abstract Experimentation with green scales Abstract Experimentation featuring green scales Color sketchbook thumbnails Abstract Experimentation by Yordan Silvera Concentric Circles Yordan Silvera Abstract Experimentation sketch Abstract Experimentation with Ink Yordan Silvera color study Yordan Silvera color blue set Yordan Silvera color sketchbook 02 Anatomical sketch by Yordan Silvera Yordan's painting Yordan Silvera color drawing Yordan Silvera sketchbook page detail Yordan Silvera color detail Sketchbook page close-up Yordan's ketchbook artwork Yordan Silvera's artwork fragment' Sketchbook fragment by Yordan Silvera Work on Paper Color detail from sketchbook 02 Sketch Work in Progress Painting by Yordan Silvera Color sketchbook composition Detail from Yordan Silvera's sketchbook Color Painting Skull Detail

Color Sketchbook

This is a sketchbook I kept on my pocket for some time. I mostly worked on it with wet media, including every day materials such as tea and coffee. I tried not to think too much about the make I was making. I enjoy the unexpected spots and the so called mistakes that make every page or spread is unique.